About Game Boy Crammer

Game Boy Crammer was a podcast that ran from February 15, 2013 to August 1, 2015. There are over 200 reviews of Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. Although I owned original cartridges for all the games, background sounds and music was recorded using an emulator. Television commercial audio was recorded from YouTube videos. I don’t remember which games I got the opening and ending background music from. I recall deliberately choosing 2 games I would probably never review. I think one of them was a Japanese horse racing sim. The opening theme and section themes were composed using a step sequencer on an iPad. The wah-wah effect was made by isolating one of the instruments and recording the sound of the iPad speaker in my mouth and going, “wowowowow”.

I probably could have continued reviewing games for a while longer but Judge Dredd broke my brain. Seriously, that game was so maddening I thought it was going to kill me. But also I could see the end of the tunnel for games I was interested in playing. There were still a couple dozen good carts I didn’t get to, there were also countless Pokemon clones, rudimentary RPGs, dumb board games and movie/tv licenses I wasn’t looking forward to.

After the podcast finished, I sold most of the Game Boy games on eBay. I went back to the Nintendo DS pretty hard-core and I’m still there now. It its heyday I played a few DS games but now that the games are super-cheap on eBay, I got right back into collecting and playing. Same goes for the Wii and PS3. I didn’t totally skip over the GBA, but honestly I don’t play it much. I usually play GBA games on a DS Lite, sometimes on the Micro. I love being able to slam the lid shut and any time on the DS or 3DS but it doesn’t suspend GBA games. That’s something that’s sorely missing on the Switch experience but I like Switch on the big screen with a Wii U Pro controller.

If you want to contact me, send an email to typodermic@gmail.com.

Happy Gameboying!

Ray Larabie