Future Jerks

Dive into the electric world of Future Jerks, the uproarious comedy podcast sensation of 2012-2013. With a whirlwind of only 19 episodes, Scott Future from the icy realms of Ottawa, Canada, and Ray Larabie from the buzzing streets of Nagoya, Japan, will catapult you on a global laughter journey. Straddling two hemispheres, their explosive dialogues ricochet between uproarious hilarity and nuggets of sheer genius. Tune in for the most wildly entertaining transcontinental banter you’ve never heard! Don’t just listen – EXPERIENCE the Future Jerks!

If you have trouble playing these on an electrical mobile phone device (a wireless radiophone) try tapping slightly to the right of the play/pause button. Just like Scott’s butt, it has a “sweet spot” that you need to hit just right.

Episode 1: Premiere Episode

Episode 2: Banana Pelt

Episode 3: I Haz Cat Problemz

Episode 4: A Nude Dope

Episode 5: Tears of Utter Sadness

Episode 6: After Eight

Episode 7: Future Jerks Television Network

Episode 8: Space Truckin’

Episode 9: Genitals, Genitals, Genitals

Episode 10: Muscle Pants

Episode 11: Like an Anvil

Episode 12: Boost All Over You

Episode 13: Tube Cheese

Episode 14: Pole Position

Episode 15: Holiday Fever

Episode 16: The Filler Episode

Episode 17: The Basement Tapes

Episode 18: Close Encounters of the Jerks Kind

Episode 19: The Last Newhart